The Marzocchi Project

38mm Marzocchi Forks (Replica)

In 1974 Ducati fitted the iconic 750 Super Sports with several components that were different from their current production models. These parts stood out, they were unique to the 750SS and never used on any other Ducati models. The fact these components were unique to the 750 SS made them very difficult to get when the bike was in production and with the passage of time it’s now almost impossible to get them.

One such item that’s very difficult to find is the 38 mm Marzocchi forks used on the 1974 750 Super Sport. These unique items featured forward facing brake calliper mounting flanges, right hand centre-axle entry and only two mudguard mounting points on each fork slider. These characteristics are standout features of the 1974 750 SS forks which leaves the dedicated Ducati restorer with no suitable alternative should the original forks be damaged or missing as so many were due to accidents.

The Story of The Marzocchi Project

A Ducati enthusiast based in Australia decided to recreate these 750 SS forks. Using modern technology as an aid the fork has been reproduced and is a very close replica of the original. The “Marzocchi Project”  was born…. using a CMM, 3D modelling and combining old and new foundry techniques, and the knowledge of engineers in Canada, USA and the UK the project started to become a reality.   Some of the original’s design limitations were limited fork travel, a harsh ride and the black paint finish that just peeled off, all of which would be evident to someone familiar with the 70’s icon.

A precise design mandate was followed as the 2-year development process advanced. These “bespoke” 38mm Marzocchi forks are not only visually correct to the original design but incorporated modern cartridge internals offering the best of engineering design available today. Subtle design liberties have been taken; the casting wall thickness was increased by 1.5mm at the oil seal to alleviate the common break point when seals were replaced. The Marzocchi Project believes by incorporating these advances in technology, subtle design changes and following proven foundry techniques that a slightly better product has been made available.

  • Even the smallest detail has not been overlooked; The Marzocchi Project sources the fork dust boots from the original OEM manufacturer in Italy. We went as far as obtaining as set of original drawings for these components. Great care has been taken to reproduce the unique black paint finish mimicking the originals. Original white logo Marzocchi water-slide decals correct to the era have also been reproduced. Nothing was out of reach for this “bespoke” product.

     The Marzocchi Project elected to exercise close control over their manufacturing and Quality process and for that reason all manufacturing takes place in Canada utilizing components manufactured in Italy, USA, Canada and the UK.   While it is less expensive to utilize manufacturing resources based in the Far East our philosophy was to keep our logistics chain short so we could effect any design changes in hours and not in weeks or months. Our suppliers are all family owned and operated companies and very skilled in their respective disciplines.

    While remaining faithful to the original external design of these forks The Marzocchi Project elected to make some improvements by using thoroughly modern cartridge technology inside the fork. After careful review we elected to use the skills of the highly respected UK based suspension manufacturer Maxton Engineering. Their GP20 cartridge is probably the best available classic suspension unit in the world and a mainstay of both the road and competition motorcycle communities. The fork’s performance is a huge improvement over the original; a simple 3mm allen key is all that is required to adjust rebound damping on these modern style cartridges. This rebound adjustment is cleverly hidden under the carefully reproduced top fork nut and accessed via the removal of a screw. It’s just another one of those subtle design advances that has “improved the breed”. In the end these 38 Marzocchi’s were produced via a culmination of efforts on a global scale, which should not be taken lightly.

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Manufacturing Specifications

MATERIALS: Cast in A 351 class 1 alloy with no scrap or reclaimed metal content.
FINISH: Tumbled with ceramic “rock”
PRODUCTION: Solid cast then gun drilled for superior straightness and roundness.
Finish honing on Sunnen honing machines.
Secondary machining completed on 3 axis CNC equipment.
FINISH: Powder coating with DuPont Sandtex black.
HARDWARE: All fasteners are manufactured by A Agrati SPA and are identical to the fasteners used on the original equipment. All bolts bear the Agrati OaV trademark stamping.
RUBBER FITMENTS: The dust boots and fork oil seals are sourced from the original OEM supplier to Ducati.


documentation:Original damper setting specification and adjustment instructions.
Fork oil, spring and air-gap specifications and settings.
decals:Reproduction Marzocchi fork decals one each of vinyl and water transfer type
spare parts:• Spare set of fork oil seals and seal snap rings.
• 1 set of oil drain screw fiber drain washers.
• 1 set of reproduction dust seal boot clips including the ultra rare double loop clip.

Operational Specifications

overall length: 755mm
fork travel: 130mm
system: Cartridge with 20mm piston complete with adjustable rebound damping.
fork weight: 7 Kg per pair with oil
fork oil: 5w
38mm Replica Marzocchi Drawings